Common Causes Of Back Pain In Teens & Children

Back pain is an intermittent problem not only for adults, but for kids and teenagers too. However, youngsters are more resilient and do not face severe types of injuries like adults. As per medical studies, back pain is more common in adults as teenagers and kids rarely encounter it. As children rarely face back pain issues, any complaints related to back pain are taken quite seriously by doctors. It involves a detailed review of the medical history of the child and certain tests are required to be performed for immediate treatment. Link here offer a great provider for kids service that will suit your needs.

When a kid or a teenager complains of a back pain, an X-Ray or MRI scan is advised by healthcare practitioners. Some of the uncommon problems related to back pain for kids include vertebral disc injuries, slipping, protrusion, rupture and compression. These problems are mostly seen in adults. However, one should not take it lightly, especially when a kid or teenager complains of backache.

Common types of back pain

Spondylolysis is the common problem which can be seen in kids who are more involved in outdoor activities. A sports chiropractor plays a significant role to treat problems related to back pain due to athletic activities. This particular health concern is faced when the joints between the vertebral bones are affected and most commonly seen in those performing gymnastic. This type of injury leads to fractures and rest is advised for a few cases depending on the severity.  Teens have the tendency to perform extensive gymnastics, especially at the initial stage, which causes heavy strain on their spines that leads to vertebral fractures or disc injuries.

Common causes

Younger children are less prone to such types of back pain as the stress put on their spine is not as severe as older children or adults. This is one of the main reasons that younger children do not face severe back pain issues. Older children and adults have a tendency to be aggressive when they are performing physical activities which increases the risk of back injuries. It may also affect the bones, soft tissues and nerves.

Therefore a chiropractor can be consulted to deal with problems related to muscle joints to provide some relief from back and neck pain.Thus, for the majority of injuries related to back, the common treatment is a break from strenuous physical activities and rest for a short period. However, if the problem gets bigger and pain is unbearable, immediate diagnosis and treatment is recommended. Therefore, children and teenagers need to be educated on back pain problems and correct methods to perform sport and other outdoor activities should be taught by professionals.